Cath the Vegan 100 percent!

What happens when you fall out of balance?
What happens when the pendulum swung you over to the extreme counterpart?
What happens when that counterpart makes you into a better version of yourself - over time. Until you utterly feel totally lost in translation! Until somewhere down the line that it hits you aren't the person that you once were. All because there has been a paradigm shift going on in the mind. A shift that makes you say without hesitance a welcome hello to!

The event that is put into this shift is that the health needs to come first - and the outdoorsy clubbing life will have to come second. All of this happened because as described above: Being totally lost in translation! All because the body have kept on going - and maybe more than its capacity. So it is no brainer that it overnight resented a life that the body can't carry on living in for about two years ago. A downfall that comes into this is that there are too many relationships that have been invested in. All in an approximately estate related to music! They will not become finalized so will not for the love of music, but things needs to go in an another direction.

Walking over to the fate that is as described in the infamous best-written blogpost TOP DJs. Yes, I will always go for the fate - even so, it moves in so many directions. It all just has gotten altered yet again. It just changes to something else, yep I know it is a rare decision all of a sudden to go for something else but it has already been changed. By all means, Everything has changed. Even my Monday feast has changed. All for the better. So with no further ado, I am saying goodbye to the chapter called HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA, saying Welcome to become Cath the Vegan 100 percent! 


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